Days 5,6,7 and workworkwork.

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The last few days have been spent preparing to launch my first ever Teen Girls Workshop. It's a twelve week workshop held mostly here in my home geared towards weight loss/management and the cultivation of a courageous, healthy and mindful life. In middle and high school what we DON'T learn is how to care for ourselves. In a time where obesity and stress are the two major causes for illness, it's time to adjust something about our academic load. There are opportunities in school to be social, creative, silent, bold, active... so much happens every day for a young person. We are also in a time where both parents are typically working full time jobs. Meals are bought out of convenience. Conventional and boxed foods are the norm and far from fresh. Healthful nutritious foods aren't happening. This leads to higher levels of sickness and decreased energy for both parents and kids. When we lack energy we make up for that energy in various ways- most likely with caffine and sugar. Dealing with lack of energy and life force is stressful. You don't feel like you are living life, it's as if you are just outside looking in. I know this feeling very very well. Growing up I had terrible seasonal allergies, asthma and chronic sinusitis and was 50lbs over weight. I basically was on antibiotics 4-6 times a year for about 6 years for my sinus issues. At some point I googled "natural remedy for sinus infection" and it was from there on out that my life started to shift. It took years mind you, trying different things from apple cider vinegar, to netti pot cleansing, to chamomile steaming, to homeopathic nasal sprays.. and they all helped. But it wasn't until I shifted my diet did the REAL MAGIC happen. I did a two week sugar cleanse by following an elimination diet. As I slowly added foods into my diet I noticed how profoundly wheat and dairy affected my asthma and sinuses and mental clarity. I was finally walking the streets with clear head! I didn't feel like I was on the outside- I felt available and alive and actually felt like exercising. I was finally losing weight! My life was literally and finally mine. Looking back on my childhood, I do see a happy girl. I had lots of friends and very supportive parents who gave me wonderful tools to live the life that I do. I'm so thankful for them and for the person that I was. It's such a shame that not once in my childhood did a doctor say to my mother "Perhaps you should change her diet." It's just not the way Doctors are trained.

My Mission is to work with teen girls to learn the stuff they don't learn in school. To help them answer the questions: When do I feel my best? What foods make me feel alive? What should I eat to have lots of energy? What are real foods and what are fake foods and how can I tell the difference? What are some tools I can use to decrease stress? How can I live mindfully, being fair to myself, the planet and the ones I love? How can I be courageous and bold and true to myself in this world?

There are so many answers to these questions, and every young woman I work with will teach me new possibilites. I am thrilled to learn from them. I am thrilled to be a part of a movement that will arm young girls with the life force to change the world.  There are times I am filled with doubt and confusion- pretty much every day actually. It's those times and I remember that I'm eating good food, and being kind to myself and the planet, and it propels me further!

Feel free to share what helps you feel amazing, and reach out with any questions.



Foods I enjoyed during days 5,6 &7

breakfast: home made muesli with almond milk, whole grain bagel with almond butter, toast with avacado

lunch: all three days I had some salad with lemon juice and olive oil. one day i also have some left over rice and beans, and another day I had some trail mix

snack: hummus and carrots, guac and chips, squares of 70% or higher dark chocolate, tea with agave and almond milk, crackers and diaya cheese.

dinner: fajitias made with diaya cheese, beans and "field roast" grain meat sausages- mexican chipolte. omg soo good.  pasta with red sauce ( I mixed a can of lentils into a jar of red sauce and let them get really soft- it added great flavor and lots of protein and Ivy loved it!) and last night we made a veggie stir fry with short grain brown rice.

Here is a quote from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, I'm in the middle of her 30 day challenge!

"Fifteen to thirty minutes per day is a reasonable amount of time to spend making food for ourselves and for our families, and it’s not only possible, it’s imperative. Taking fifteen to thirty minutes a day to nurture ourselves, to nourish our bodies, and to healthfully feed our families is really no time at all.  In fact, whatever we’re doing that we think is so much more important than taking care of ourselves and our loved ones will mean nothing when we’re not well enough or not here to enjoy it. If we think we can’t find a few minutes a day to take care of ourselves and those who depend on us, then perhaps we need to reexamine our priorities.

The bottom line is: If we don’t have time to be sick, then we have to make time to be healthy."

Well said girl!




Day 4.

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"You are awesome. End of story. Period, print it, post it. You were born awesome and you will leave awesome. There may be lessons, bumps and arrests along the way, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a totally delicious hug magnet. If folks aren't hugging you right now, they just don't know what they're missing. I feel sad for them." This is a quote from one of my fav's Kris Carr. She's a bright star. If you haven't checked her out, do so now. Talk about inspiration, whoa. She's a lover and a fighter and a magic green juice drinker.

Day 4 of my vegan experiment is rainy. I wish I could cuddle Ivy and watch movies all day.

Breakfast: pieces of cut up apple and banana with almond butter. coffee w soy milk.

Lunch: Brown rice with northern beans and corn & half a bagel with tofu scallion cream cheese.

Dinner: arugula salad with tomatoes and figs in balsamic dressing. I made two different kinds of pasta for my mom and her man: pasta with peas, potato, pesto and pine nuts, and the same with red sauce switched out for the pesto so I could eat it.

All was good.

I've been working a lot on my website and gathering content and I'm starting to develop some sciatica. This am I woke up and moved my computer to a place in my kitchen that would enable me to stand while I work. It's already getting better!

This week I'm going to juice for breakfast. I just decided.



Day 3 caught in a restaurant.

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Day 3 of the vegan challenge was a good one. Visited my BFF in 'Boken' and went out to lunch. Everything on the menu had animal in it. It took a bit of thought, but I picked something and was able make a substitution. Dinner was a little tricky too, we had friends over and made grilled pizza (my favorite) and I was nervous I would cave for a bite. I made it through with a cheese substitute and it was actually fabulous! Luckily wine is never a problem. Breakfast: waffles with maple syrup and some almond butter

lunch: Green salad with toasted coconut, nuts, blueberries, and cubed pineapple with grilled portabella mushroom on top and toasted sour dough bread on the side.

Snack: tortilla chips with bean dip

Dinner: Arugula salad wth figs, tomatoes and carrots & balsamic dressing. Grilled pizza. There is a pic of Ivy getting ready to cut it up. What a good little doobie she is.


Happy me.

Quote of the day from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau:

"Ask for what you want. If your store doesn’t carry a vegan item you’re looking for, ask them to stock it. If their distributors carry it, they will more than likely be happy to sell it – especially if they know at least one person will buy it."

It works by the way. I have asked our local store to carry some things and now I see that I'm not the only one buying it!

Ask and ye shall eat.



Day 2 heavy on the figs.

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Breakfast: oatmeal made with almond milk & water, and cut up fresh figs Lunch: big leafy green salad with shredded beets, seeds, thin sliced onions and cut up fresh figs

Dinner: rice and beans, pan fried tofu nuggets (the whole fam loved these) and sauteed swiss chard.

Over all a great day where I enjoyed cooking and eating and working on my webstite. My fig tree is awesome. Bring on the newtons.

Here is a quote from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau- who is heading the 30dayveganchallenge that im doing.

"Though there are some things we have no control over, I think it makes more sense to focus on what we can do rather than on what we can’t control. And there is indeed so much we can do and so much we can control."



30 Day Vegan Challenge: Day 1

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Below is a quote from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I signed myself up for an experiment.

"More than that, when people hear the word “vegan,” they tend to associate it with rigidity, self-denial, or deprivation. They often think being vegan is about rejecting things – about saying “no.” On one hand, this is true. Being vegan is about saying “no.” It’s about saying “no” to the consumption of unhealthful and unnecessary food. It’s about saying “no” to suffering, exploitation, and violence. It’s about saying “no” to the wasteful abuse of natural resources and the destruction of the remaining wild places in the world.

But at its core, being vegan is about saying “yes.” It’s about saying “yes” to our values of compassion, kindness, wellness, and awareness. After all, what’s the point in having values if they don’t manifest themselves in our behavior? It’s nice to say that we’re against violence and cruelty. Most of us are. But how many of us actually take these abstract values and put them into concrete action? For me, being vegan is an opportunity to do just that: to put my abstract values into concrete action."

Here is what I scarfed today

Breakfast: oatmeal made with water, almond milk, cinnamon, raisins & a bit of maple syrup

Lunch:tortilla chips & guac. Big leafy green salad with shredded carrots, yellow tomatoes, adzuki beans and pumpkin seeds. Dressing: olive oil and lemon juice, s&p

Dinner: linguine with a eggplant tomato sauce

Tea w lemon

Day one: easy, busy  and nice.

Here is the part from the above quote that makes me feel good: "After all, what’s the point in having values if they don’t manifest themselves in our behavior?"



ps here is the link to the 30 day challenge


The Magic of Chia

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The Magic of Chia

I'm pretty sure that my recent inclusion of chia seeds has added more than... regularity into my life. I'm feeling really good recently. Not having all those intense cravings. More body and mind energy. I think i'm doing something right! Thought I would share. Recognize the potential to feel better than you do right now. The greatest tool that we have to positively impact our own health is our fork! Use it wisely and have fun. Get help if those two things are becoming stressful for you. A little bit of support goes a long way. Here is some more info on Chia.

"Because the question of what might be the optimum diet can, at times, be emotionally charged for many people, having had a significant emotional commitment in believing they know what’s best, I would like to suspend the issues of diet and introduce you to a “super” food that all would agree on. It is known as the Chia Seed. Once valued so much that it was used as currency, this unique little seed has exceptional nutritive and structural benefits."

Read More

Eat More Weigh Less: My first workshop!

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At 7:30pm last night I began to speak about the above topic. There were 6 people in their seats and I stood before them wondering what the heck I was going to say. We have all come to the table (literally) with obsessive thinking and behaviors surrounding our approach to food and eating. I prefer to look at food in this way: food is neither good nor bad; it is only either more or less nutritious. What IS however good or bad is the mental activity that happens when eating those more or less nutritious foods. We learn when we are children that some foods are indeed good or bad for us. We learn that there are specific times to sit and eat, and we learn that we should follow certain rules when eating those foods. For example, a parent will say, "If you eat 5 more bites of peas, you can have your cup cake" or "I don't care if you aren't hungry- it's dinner time" or "No Emma, we don't eat pasta for breakfast, how about a waffle?"  As kids we had instincts that we vocalized: "I want blueberries, I want chocolate, I want a bagel" and we either got what we wanted, or we got shot down and told what to eat. These are “harmless” rules parents enforce upon their children. Parents (thankfully) run the house, make a structure for their kids so they will eat, grow and hopefully be nourished properly. It is my belief that if we get back some of what we had as children that we would be a lot better off. A child is much less concerned with food. He wants to concentrate on life and on having a good time. As we grow up in a thin obsessed diet centric world we are told to ignore our bodies’ natural instincts and cues.  And now as adults our instincts are a complete mess. We don't know what we want, we don't know how much to eat, and we have no idea how to STOP eating when we feel we should. Processing all these thoughts about eating then becomes a totally negative and stressful experience. Having said all this, do I think that kids should rule the roost so when they grow up they can be in tune with their instincts? No. I think there is a way to respect their instincts while we teach our kids what it means to nourish our bodies. Teaching them which foods are nutritious or non nutritious. It’s OK to eat those chocolate chip pancakes, it’s fine to eat that plate of fettuccini alfredo, it’s cool to eat that bagel with cream cheese as long as we are eating more of the nutritious foods that are most nourishing to us on a regular basis and enjoying eating as it is a beautiful thing. Negative thoughts and stress make eating excruciating and digestion becomes more difficult because your body is receiving messages that there is danger. Evolutionarily speaking, when one consumes food in a negative mental state (stress) or when we restrict food (dieting) our bodies try to store what ever it can as fat- thinking that we may need it for later- a possible famine! This is just our body doing its job.  When it senses danger (our negative thoughts) it prepares by protecting us so we can survive the danger! Storing fat is our body’s job. If you are currently in a stressful time in your life and you find that you are TRYING to eat well and be skinny, yet are still gaining weight... your body is just doing it's job! This is what stress and negative thoughts do.

Weight loss and healthy living comes from our brains, re-learning to cultivate positivity with eating, re-learning when we are actually hungry/full/sated and taking care of our bodies like our lives depended on it.

There it is.

So EAT MORE WEIGHT LESS is totally possible but in this way:

Eat more because you’re receiving messages from within that it's time for food: actual hunger.

Eat more because your body is naturally craving certain foods- learn to deconstruct those cravings and you will be able to nourish it.

Eat more happily, mindfully, peacefully.

Re- learning how to read our bodies signals takes time and support. Luckily there is time: life is long. And luckily you have me. Supporting people as they re-learn how smart and in control they can be is very exciting! Supporting people as they re-learn how to care for their bodies is so inspiring! I truly enjoy supporting them and brainstorming with them, and when people are serious about the journey their strength is amazing to witness!

As always I am thankful. For being able to give that workshop last night and for what the audience gave back to me. I am SO pumped to learn more and keep going. I really just want all of us to eat healthy nourishing food and feel good.