This crazy, beautiful, fleeting phase.

by Stacey Jayne in

Farmers market treat

Farmers market treat

My husband and I wake up a half an hour late with our daughter between us.  We oversleep as a team then scramble to start our day. This usually includes him swearing about the time, her crying: BUT mahmaaay it’s nooooot faaair when denied her Curious George computer game and me sweeping up maniacal amounts of dog hair. He rushes out to walk the dogs and she cries because she can’t imagine an hour without him. I try and get her to eat some peanut butter off of a spoon, and then we rush out for a playdate. She plays at her friend's house for a couple of hours then we head back home again for lunch. We prepare and eat lunch, duel about napping till I finally get her down (with force) in our (unmade) bed. I return to the kitchen, clean up the mess from lunch, the morning’s toys and the dog hair. Again. I then have an hour or so to work on building my business, preparing for dinner, answering some emails and taking a 2 (or 5) min break to check out how many grey hairs I have. She wakes up, he comes home, dogs get walked, we eat dinner, recap our day, then off to bed for her. He takes care of bed time, I clean up the kitchen (for the 3rd time) and put away the same toys I put away that afternoon. I finally sit down to do some more writing while imagining healthy foods magically preparing themselves in the kitchen without me.

My dream reality looks like this: I wake up every day and leisurely exercise, shower, eat a delicious healthy breakfast, see clients, write, create, grow my business (and my garden) and still have time for a few sun salutations and nostalgic daydreams while I sit with my feet up on the deck. I’m (very) well-rested and everything is checked off on my to-do list. My house is clean (not by me) and my laundry is tidily put away (by that same other person). I make a healthy dinner with my daughter's help, and we eat as a family with smiles on our faces and flowers on the table.

Ok, to be honest, some days ARE like my dream reality (without the house keeper and sun salutations), and then some days are totally chaotic and I want to buy myself a one-way ticket to someplace warm where I can sip frozen drinks and lazily kick sand for exercise.

I am dedicated to my healthy lifestyle and making compassionate choices, but this particular phase in life is tiring and unpredictable. In an article I just wroteI talk about how confusing it can be to even FIND healthy foods let alone factoring in the chaos. 75% of the time I’m successful in making healthy choices. 25% of the time I have to embrace the chaos - this crazy, beautiful, fleeting time in life. One day my daugher will be ten, and I’ll be shaking my head happily remembering her bolting around the apartment naked with socks on her hands. I’ll be seeing clients with ease and making the money I deserve because I learned from it all.

I can’t help but look back at all of those romantic visions of good health I had before my daughter was born. My favorite visions took place in the fall, all sweatery and snuggly where I imagined the chilly afternoons -cinnamon apple sauce simmering on the stove and morning glory muffins baking in the oven while baby and I danced to 80s music.

Reality check. My first actual fall involved my getting over my daughter’s colic and realizing that I’d just spent the past 5 months eating only bread and cheese. Three years later I’m building my coaching business and learning what it takes for me to feel alive and healthy.

My passion is helping families and young women lessen their chaos by eating real foods and removing toxic habits so they can truly love life. Nothing confirms how much I love my job then when I hear a client share a small success. Just hearing her say the words: I'm so excited about this Stacey makes ME so excited too. Yesterday I had a client write: I just wanted to thank you again for all the encouragement. I finally feel like this is a step in the right direction! And honestly, I was elated! I'm so thankful for the work that I'm doing.

If you have been making small steps to remove toxic foods and habits so YOU can feel amazing and live a healthier life, share them below in the comments. I'd LOVE to hear what works for you. I know that if I'm inspired by what you write, you could be inspired too. And when we are both inspired, that's when the magic happens.

You totally freakin rock.