The Magic of Chia

by Stacey Jayne in

The Magic of Chia I'm pretty sure that my recent inclusion of chia seeds has added more than... regularity into my life. I'm feeling really good recently. Not having all those intense cravings. More body and mind energy. I think i'm doing something right! Thought I would share. Recognize the potential to feel better than you do right now. The greatest tool that we have to positively impact our own health is our fork! Use it wisely and have fun. Get help if those two things are becoming stressful for you. A little bit of support goes a long way. Here is some more info on Chia.

"Because the question of what might be the optimum diet can, at times, be emotionally charged for many people, having had a significant emotional commitment in believing they know what’s best, I would like to suspend the issues of diet and introduce you to a “super” food that all would agree on. It is known as the Chia Seed. Once valued so much that it was used as currency, this unique little seed has exceptional nutritive and structural benefits."