Six Weeks Till Summer

by Stacey Jayne in Weeks Till Summer

April 18 – May 23

Let getting in shape feel like a girl’s night out.

This is the time of year when you start thinking:

This summer is going to be different. I’m REALLY going to get serious about taking off that extra weight before the warm weather gets here. I’m going to start exercising everyday. I’m going to REALLY pay attention to what I’m eating.


BUT just then you start thinking:

I eat “relatively” healthy already. I’m not sure what to do differently. I feel so out of shape, I’m embarrassed to even go to the gym. I don’t even know where to start!


When you join us for Six Weeks Till Summer you will:

  • Slip into your “skinny clothes” with ease by Memorial day
  • Start your summer with more confidence and joy
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Naturally ease up on caffeine and sugar or get rid of them all together
  • Look and feel younger


It look us years to learn this but we have discovered the secrets of making lasting change. Together Stacey and Mina have lost over 80lbs and kept it off for years. We want to share what we have learned with you so you can celebrate this summer!


Six Weeks Till Summer Details:

  • 6 week program
  • Weekly informational and inspirational emails
  • Support of a group to keep you focused and accountable
  • Group facebook page for extra support
  • Optional workouts
  • Meet on Thursdays from 730-9pm


Some topics covered in our group meetings:

The right foods to be eating on the go to give you the energy you so desperately deserve
Easy ways to integrate exercise into your already busy life
Tips and gentle exercises to reduce stress and get a better nights sleep
Ways to increase your energy throughout the day
Healthy AND easy delicious recipes


What if I told you in 6 weeks YOU will be exercising regularly and eating healthfully and LOVING it?!

Would you believe me? Would you trust in yourself to do it?  This time you can, and we will support you to keep you accountable to ensure you get there.


Find early bird prices here.        

WE (me and Mina) are SO looking forward to meeting and supporting you as you change your life.