More on my elimination diet.

by Stacey Jayne in

Not much to report actually. I've been avoiding caffeine, which isn't so hard for me. I only drink a cup of tea in the morning, so it's not biggie to leave it out. On the first day I had a green smoothie from my favorite juice bar in Brooklyn followed by a green juice. After that I had some fruit, some raw and roasted veggies and for dinner I had a giant baked yam with some coconut milk mashed in it and I sprinkled it with sea salt. Today I had some brown rice made with almond milk and water. I added chia seeds and blueberries too. Delish. I had roasted root veggies and a handfull of walnuts & cashews for lunch. For a snack I had an apple cut up with sunflower butter. Yum. For dinner I made some lentil veggie stew. It rocked. The most wonderful piece of news is that I haven't had a holiday cookie in 3 days. Which is really big- it probably had been almost 30 days straight of cookie celebrating. I'm talking 2-4 every day. I was REALLY into them. It was so awesome. I also made a couple of cakes- my fav was the pecan pie I made. Whoa. It was borderline wrong. So good. So I ate and snacked and enjoyed my sweets this holiday. It felt right. Then I finally felt done. I had had enough. So I ate cookies for about 3 more days and stopped.

devine goodness


This whole experience was amazing. I've done this before and found the same answers again. If you have a gut feeling that you are sensitive to a food- it's probably correct. I experience whats called brain fog and sluggishness when I consume wheat. Dairy makes me feel a similar way, along with making me farty. Sulfites (found in wine... BOOO!) don't like me either.

All this is wonderful information and I'm so thankful I stuck with it for the long haul. YAY!