My take on good health

by Stacey Jayne in

happy gal with chocolate croissant
One day about 8 years ago I realized it was time to feel better. I guess I believed that not only was it possible but it would be worth it. Even today, almost a decade later, my fears pop up a lot. Even as I write this I feel those fears. They linger for a while, and I realize they stink, so I try to shake them off (maybe even learn from them) and move forward.
For me healthy is joy. It's lightness. It's delicious. It's feeling full of goodness. It's fun and funny. Healthy = feeling present and accountable.
I realized this year that healthy = creativity. Healthy is singing and imagining and playing. Healthy is letting go of what is not useful and relishing what is beautiful. Healthy is knowing what is important, and trying not to get caught up in other people's games.
I have big ideas for the future of my good health. I have stuff to get excited about. I am a person that wants people know that it's ok to push it. It's ok to step outside of your comfort zone. That is where the healthy is. Healthy is learning and living. Loving and listening. There is healthy in cookies and fights and hating and searching and confusion and there's even healthy in the darkness. I wouldn't say that I've "found" the healthiest me, but something tells me that as long as I keep going I'll forget that I'm looking.
For me healthy is all of these things.
Best of healthy good thoughts to you,