Happy Healthy Cheat Sheet

by Stacey Jayne in

This is your

Happy Healthy Holiday


Kick-Ass New Year

Cheat sheet

(print and shrink to fit in your pocket if you please)


How to have a happy healthy holiday:


  1. Make your shopping list as if you were Santa. Shop with love and courage. Put your heart on your sleeve (when you can) and enjoy getting gifts for the people in your life.

  1. Don’t forget the value of a homemade gift. Frame a love poem. Make someone a t-shirt. Make a collage of old family photos for an older relative. Make cookies or cakes for your loved ones. Anything hand made is worth the time and effort because people know it was made with love.

  1. Support local shops when you can. Bigger corporations such as Walmart and Target seem to have everything you need. They make their merchandise affordable and easy to obtain. Screw them! We all know a small business owner & we (hopefully) want them to succeed. Support them during the holiday season. It may take an extra trip in the car and an extra 10% on the price tag, but after you do it you will know in your gut that you have done the right thing.

  1. Keep your own sanity a priority. The holidays are demanding in every way. Make sure you make time to keep yourself healthy so you can really enjoy them. Go for short brisk walks out doors. Schedule a short massage to release your gift bag carrying shoulders. Keep yourself hydrated with fresh filtered water. Keep your fridge stocked with fresh veggies and fruits. Make time for yourself. You are awesome and I believe you deserve the best of whatever you desire.



How to have a kick-ass 2013:


  1. If you are into resolutions- make the list.

  2. After you make that list, notice if there are a few items that are on it year after year (after year.)

  3. Make a different list with those special items and call it something else like “lets get serious” or “it’s time bro” or “no more BS list”. What ever you call it, know that those things have been on your mind and deserve some real attention.

  4. Break those things down into smaller lists and figure out where you need support- there are certain things we genuinely need help with sometimes. Clearly this list needs some manpower besides your own.

  5. Stop judging yourself for taking so long to get to these things. You are busy being amazing and awesome, no need to beat yourself up!

  6. Connect yourself with the support you need ASAP. For example hire someone to come and organize your closets or garage. Hire a career counselor to help with your next professional adventure. Join a weight loss support group or zumba class to get your booty shakin. What ever the need- there is a person out there who desperately wants to help you.

  7. Reward yourself for taking steps forward.  Even if they are teeny tiny steps. Forward is forward and that’s what you really want to feel, like you are getting somewhere. If you want to have a dance party when you finally organize your desk (or whatever you are working on) call me and I’ll dance with you over the phone. It will be super fun!

This list is brought to you by the words hope and love and the number 2013.