spreading the word

by Stacey Jayne in

"The world of tomorrow will be, must be, a society based on non-violence. That is the first law; out of it all other blessings will flow. It may seem a distant goal, an impractical Utopia. But it is not in the least unobtainable, since it can be worked for here and now. An individual can adopt the way of life of the future--the non-violent way--without having to wait for others to do so. And if an individual can do it, cannot whole groups of individuals? Whole nations? People often hesitate to make a beginning because they feel that the objective cannot be achieved in its entirety. This attitude of mind is precisely our greatest obstacle to progress--an obstacle that each person, if they only will it, can clear away."

Mahatma Gandhi


I believe that everyone is unique and requires different nutrition and life style habits. When a person learns to listen to his or her body, he will know how much of any particular food group is required for him to feel healthy. We are living in a time when the major illnesses that are making our loved ones sick are mostly diet related. We live in a world where the desire for convenience and pleasure leads us to unhealthy nourishment. But we can turn that around. There is a solution to better health in this country.

There are warnings these days on tobacco products. The warnings are harsh but truthful, and people now are becoming more aware and choosing accordingly. What would happen if our favorite fast food chain that makes sub sandwiches told you that you are hitting the max for sodium intake in one sub sandwich? And what if another giant fast food chain told you that when you order that milkshake with your meal you are consuming over ONE CUP of sugar? There is a reason why kids are being diagnosed with type II diabetes - what was once called adult onset diabetes. It’s the food they are eating and with the right knowledge and support they can truly thrive.

I believe we need to start with kids to educate and support them as they make choices- choices that will save their lives and the planet.

I like to make information available in a fun and supportive way. I like kids to work in groups so they feel they are part of a community AND realize that they are truly unique in their needs. I like kids to be armed with the truth about whole foods, exercise and self-care. Being young is a journey without a map. Let them make their own!