Eating after vacation

by Stacey Jayne in

Vacation usually starts strong willed, doesn't it? Day one I went for my only run of the week. There was a couple of bike rides we enjoyed as well during the week... but mostly I read, slept, played and feasted.

Vacation is a special time where (hopefully) people are doing solely what feels right. And that is exactly what I did! A week in the Outer Banks NC was all it took to fully relax my bones and inspire my taste buds. I didn't stick to my vegan diet completely, but I came pretty darn close.

It was the crab cakes that got me.

And OH... they were DIVINE! But now I'm back in Bklyn and loving my vegan updates and lessons from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. She rocks and makes the journey VERY easy. I'm on day 23.

Being away on vaca was helpful for me. It reminds me what people are eating most days. Now let me start by saying that I'm not perfect. I crave chocolate and treats of all kinds just like the rest of the world. However I really truly strive to avoid artificial stuff in my food. Artificial stuff is everywhere! Health claims are written on packaged foods like crazy! A health claim is a statement written on a package that makes you want to buy it regardless if it is true or not. For example: "Heart Healthy" is one, "Fresh" is another, "Natural" is a great one etc. There are lots. I love it when they write things like "NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP" yet the item is filled with lots of other junk.

Look, artificial flavorings, colors, and sweeteners are plain old gross. Avoid them when you can like the plague. Why? Because It's simply not real food. It's bad for your brain, your health and the whole planet. Trust me. I'm super nice and don't lie.

Read labels. Do you recognize what the ingredients are? If you don't, go home and look it up. Do you like what you find? Do your homework when it comes to the foods you eat. Your body will thank you and you will be part of the solution that brings people back to eating real food. Here are a few other things to avoid while you are at it: aspartame (in some yogurts and cereals), MSG (in some tortilla chips, boxed grains and canned soups), and anything that has been partially or fully hydrogenated (in some breads, chips, crackers etc). Consumption of hydrogenated oil has been linked with diabetes, coronary disease, and obesity in a wide number of scientific studies. So, yuk. AVOID THOSE THINGS CUZ YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

Going back to my family vaca... It was really wonderful! We had some delicious meals and really enjoyed each other. I'm so very thankful and lucky to have them!

BUT now we are back to real life in brooklyn and I'm left answering the question: how to clean up the bod after a leisurly calorie filled vaca?

Here are a few tips that work for me every time.

1. Water. Drink lots of water. Add lemon if you like.

2. Get back to your routine right away, do the laundry, and dive back into life!

3. Find support if your brain is stuck on the beach- maybe a friend who wants to go for an evening walk or share a healthy recipe.

4. Green juices are great if you have access to a juicer, but lots of greens in general is also wonderful. Kale, broccoli, zuchini, edamame, snap peas etc. Go get 'em.

5. (This is my favorite) Be kind to your self. Vacations are temporary and wonderful and filled with goodness. Don't stress when you get home- honor that good week and move on. Remind yourself that you rock and that now your body deserves kind attention. You have better things to do than stress about the small stuff.

Enjoy yourself.