Day 3 caught in a restaurant.

by Stacey Jayne in

Day 3 of the vegan challenge was a good one. Visited my BFF in 'Boken' and went out to lunch. Everything on the menu had animal in it. It took a bit of thought, but I picked something and was able make a substitution. Dinner was a little tricky too, we had friends over and made grilled pizza (my favorite) and I was nervous I would cave for a bite. I made it through with a cheese substitute and it was actually fabulous! Luckily wine is never a problem. Breakfast: waffles with maple syrup and some almond butter

lunch: Green salad with toasted coconut, nuts, blueberries, and cubed pineapple with grilled portabella mushroom on top and toasted sour dough bread on the side.

Snack: tortilla chips with bean dip

Dinner: Arugula salad wth figs, tomatoes and carrots & balsamic dressing. Grilled pizza. There is a pic of Ivy getting ready to cut it up. What a good little doobie she is.


Happy me.

Quote of the day from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau:

"Ask for what you want. If your store doesn’t carry a vegan item you’re looking for, ask them to stock it. If their distributors carry it, they will more than likely be happy to sell it – especially if they know at least one person will buy it."

It works by the way. I have asked our local store to carry some things and now I see that I'm not the only one buying it!

Ask and ye shall eat.