The other side.

by Stacey Jayne

I am on the other side of pregnancy!  My baby boy is approaching two years old. My big baby bump is "gone" now and my insides have adjusted back to "normal".  I like to think about all the different phases a woman's body encounters in her life, but the one that I think about the most is pregnancy. When our minds and bodies swell and the cells inside of us change forever. We grow a tiny, perfect human that will shift the course of our history in ways we cannot begin to predict while it is happening. Then on the other side of it all in the first few years of the postpartum phase we are filled with joy, frustration, concern, every SINGLE emotion in the book. It's all new, every day. We are thankful. We are busy, We are  frighteningly tired. We are deeply in love. We are desperate for structure and balance yet those perfect little humans remind us hourly how little control we have. We are aware of what we have lost, and we are forever bound to what we have gained. 

We are Mothers now.

I struggle every day to prioritize myself and my needs. I want to experience joy and love and lightness and longevity, and it's a massive struggle. I get sucked into the little teenie tornado that is my toddler and everything else falls to the side.

Recently my family and I made a really risky decision in search of joy and lightness. We picked up our lives in Brooklyn, NY and we put it all in boxes and drove it over to Asheville, NC. We had very little money and arrived with out jobs!  This is a new phase for me and our family in still deep in transition, but I believe this phase will be spectacular once it really gets rolling. I am excited to offer postpartum classes, private coaching, and free group coaching all for Mamas! Lot's of joy, lot's of tuning in, and lot's of Mama time. I am thrilled to be here in Asheville! 

Please stay in touch, and let me know how you are doing... and THANK YOU for your support as your read about the things that make me happy. 

Yours truly,