30 Days. Day four.

by Stacey Jayne

For me, the best thing about this little 30 day journey is simply that I'm truly aware of what I'm eating. Though my eating habits have shifted drastically over the years (for the better) I still get distracted by the business that is life, and eating is just another thing that happens while I'm cleaning the kitchen, writing an email, responding to my mom's text... you know how it goes. If your lovely life is anything like mine, it's tricky to give eating and food preparing the respect it deserves. The foods we eat become the blood that our bodies make, which in turn becomes our energy; this fuels our thoughts and feelings. It's a big freakin' deal. What's in your way from eating foods that really nourish you? For me being prepared and having healthy homemade options (ready to grab) sets me free. I find that I eat less and feel better about myself as a mother/ human. I did some experimenting and what I'm sharing with you is what works for me. What kind of support do you need to take your own steps in a courageously healthier direction? I'm all for teeny tiny realistic steps. My routine could be the wrong fit for you. What do you think is right for you? What does your gut tell you to try?  Share with me! I'm the curious kind. 




I had to teach (pilates)  this morning in the city, so again Ivy and Scott were left to fend for themselves. Before running out the door I toasted a GF english muffin, topped it with sunflower butter and scarfed it down. It's my fav. They did just fine on their own with scrambled eggs and GF toast. (Just a little background on the gluten free thing- I have found over the years that when I minimize gluten and dairy in my diet that my allergies and asthma pretty much disappear. It's awesome. I Also used to suffer from chronic sinusitis. As I shifted my diet it stopped plaguing my life. (I used to have so many boogers, you guys.) Scott and Ivy came along for the gluten free ride willingly. I know this because Scott won't eat anything he doesn't like. This is why he won't eat any fake cheese. We have had long discussions about how he feels that fake cheese shouldn't be called cheese. They should give it a whole new name. Ask him about it- if you have a half hour.) (One more thing. This past week I've been indulging in some cheese and my asthma is TOTALLY letting me know. It's amazing how when you learn to really listen to the signs your body sends you, you will learn what is right.) 



Leftovaaaas! Scott had the last serving of the whole chicken we cooked on Sat night, along with the last of the grilled taters (check out day one for the full details on that yummy meal). I packed a lunch for me and Ivy to take with us to her last ballet class. We sat outside (what a beautiful day it was) and snacked on carrots and cut up apples which we dipped in almond butter. I didn't do any dipping, instead I had a half of an avocado (the other half from yesterdays lunch). I also had some of the quinoa dish I made from last night. It was super. Then off to ballet we went! It was her last class, and the parents were given a chance to sit in on the class (like I don't watch in the window each time already!) so it was a full class. The kids were adorable, they are so imaginative and anything is possible with their bodies. I wish us grown ups could be as free as that. 

Sticky fingers.

Sticky fingers.

lets wrap it.

lets wrap it.


Leftovaaaas! I took out frozen rice and beans that I had made last week and left them out to thaw. Scott and Ivy used sprouted grain wraps and made little rice and bean wraps with some steamed broccoli (tossed with nutritional yeast) on the side. I had the same sans the wrap. Totally satisfying. After dinner they had a little chocolate Ice cream, and I had a small handful of dark chocolate chips.

A note about the foods I choose:

I make it a priority to buy local and organic foods as much as I can. I plan for the week, buy in bulk, absolutely use my left overs and I get courageously creative with our meals to save time and money. Since avoiding GMOs and other questionable icky unnatural ingredients is important to me, I give it the attention it deserves. I feel that cheap food (I'll talk more about this later) is an illusion. Over time using quality organic foods has drastically changed our lives for the better. I'm not an expert, I'm just good at experimenting so I've learned a lot. 

My mission as a health coach is to help you live a courageously healthy life that you love. I'm hearing from my clients that they simply want to feel better. They want to feel in control of their health. Not only is this possible, but it can be joyful. Small steps, big results. Lasting change takes time, but luckily life is long.

( I invite you to take a deep breath after reading that last sentence.)

Thanks for taking this 30 day journey with me! Let me know your thoughts along the way. Where are you with your health? What's in your way from having a healthy life?

I want to be a resource for you, so reach out and share your story!

You. Freakin. Rock.