30 Days. Day fourteen.

by Stacey Jayne

Keeping the balance. 

Dinosaurs eat salad, I told her.

Dinosaurs eat salad, I told her.

Today I'm feeling really tired, my eyes feel heavy, it's very difficult to concentrate, I'm irritable, and my teeth ache a little... my cue that I need to take care of my sinuses! I grew up with chronic sinusitis. I spent the majority of my childhood (and most of my twenties) on antibiotics trying to cure infection after infection. It wasn't until I was about 27 that I realized that something else had to be done. I started to do some research on the internet about how to heal my sinuses naturally. I remember reading ten or so articles and deciding to try a few different things at the same time. I picked up my first (of maaaaany) bottle of organic apple cider vinegar and added it to my water (about a tsp or more) a few times a day. Then I basically did an elimination diet with out realizing it. I removed wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and all processed food. I remember feeling amazing. Walking down the street with a clear head felt so different! I had been dealing with "brain fog" (feels like medicine head) for so many years that it felt normal. I remember almost feeling angry thinking about how hard it was for me in school to concentrate and how crappy I felt,  only to realize that all I had to do was change my diet! My life completely changed.

So now I feel the early symtoms today and I'm armed to fix it before it gets any worse. I'm having apple cider vinegar tea right now. I like to make chamomile tea, with a little raw unpasteurized honey, about a tbsp of ACV, and I will sip on that 2-3 times a day. Starting tomorrow I will also avoid all dairy, alcohol and sugar. I'm also going to use my netti pot twice a day for the next week or so. This should clear it up. Sinus issues really suck the life out of you, don't they? Have you ever experienced this? As I get older I realize that many people suffer from terrible sinus conditions, so I know that I need to share my story. 

Be gone boogers!  


Radishes. Olive oil. Salt. Yum.

Radishes. Olive oil. Salt. Yum.

Egg scramble with spinach topped with the black bean dip from yesterday. Ivy would only eat the eggs n spinach and talked about lollypops the whole morning.  


I made a nice simple salad and on the side we had more of that bean dip! It's really that delish that we don't mind eating it for two meals out of the day! I also chopped up some radishes and tossed them with a bit of olive oil and salt. Make this tomorrow, it's so nice. Invest in a high quality olive oil and use it for salads only. You will use less and the flavor difference is unbelievable. BTW I got Ivy to eat some salad by pretending we were dinosaurs. Score! 

Our lunch. 

Our lunch. 


I was so distracted that I forgot to take a pic! I stopped at a great local butcher called Fleishers  to pick up some chicken and beef. Scott had mentioned wanting to use the grill and I was close by so I stopped in to see what moved me. The link above is some info about why higher quality meats cost more money. I like the way they explain it and I like supporting them for the few times a month that we eat animal meats. It was very delish BTW! 

Sweet treats: 

I made a strawberry rhubarb crumble this am! You guys!! Both strawberries and rhubarb are in season! GO GET THEM TOMORROW at your local farmers market. You won't be sad. BTW I used this recipe. I mostly followed it and YUMMMMMM.  

A note about the foods I choose:

I make it a priority to buy local and organic foods as much as I can. I plan for the week, buy in bulk, absolutely use my left overs and I get courageously creative with our meals to save time and money. Since avoiding GMOs and other questionable icky unnatural ingredients is important to me, I give it the attention it deserves. I feel that cheap food (I'll talk more about this later) is an illusion. Over time using quality organic foods has drastically changed our lives for the better. I'm not an expert, I'm just good at experimenting so I've learned a lot. 

My mission as a health coach is to help you live a courageously healthy life that you love. I'm hearing from my clients that they simply want to feel better. They want to feel in control of their health. Not only is this possible, but it can be joyful. Small steps, big results. Lasting change takes time, but luckily life is long.

( I invite you to take a deep breath after reading that last sentence.)

Thanks for taking this 30 day journey with me! Let me know your thoughts along the way. Where are you with your health? What's in your way from having a healthy life?

I want to be a resource for you, so reach out and share your story!

You. Freakin. Rock.



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