30 Days. Day twelve.

by Stacey Jayne

Happy hump day folks! What a lovely hump day it was. Sunny, breezy, warm; I wouldn't mind if most days were just like this one. If you are new to my blog today, welcome! Friends and clients often ask me what the heck we eat, so I've been blogging about just that! There will be nothing fancy about our meals. I  like to cook big meals so I have left overs. If your family is anything like mine, using organic, fresh foods is important. Saving money when ever possible is also pretty rad. I like to keep our kitchen stocked with healthy options so we all have happy healthy smiles on our faces. I've found that getting and staying healthy takes practice, patience and courage. Courageously healthy living has really worked out for me, but it does take consistant attention. I rode my bike into the city to teach a client this morning and as I went over the Manhattan bridge I thought to myself... damn, this freakin' bridge just doesn't get any easier does it?! Then I got to thinking... this bridge is a metaphor for staying on track- especially when life throws you curves and punches. Some parts never get any easier, but you get to know them, so they make you stronger. That's why practicing healthy living = joy.

With courage comes strength. With practice comes joy.

So say we all. (My husband told me that only battle star galactica nerds (me) will get this, and to take it out. I'm leaving it in in hopes that I make at least one person smile!)


Buckwheat pancakes galore.

Buckwheat pancakes galore.

This am we enjoyed baked oatmeal along with more (bob's red mill) buckwheat pancakes and grade B maple syrup. I often spread a thin layer of almond butter on them... for fun. 


I enjoyed almost the same salad that I had yesterday. I had pre-made a big batch of quinoa the other night, I had also pre-cut a bunch of my favorite salad veggies. I find that stocking the fridge with options that we all like and that I know won't go ignored really helps in terms of staying on track and saving money. In a moment of weakness and confusion it's very easy to order in. Take out can get pricey, especially when it happens a couple of times a week, or more. Summer quinoa salad: quinoa, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, scallions, black beans, avocado, and love. Mix with some apple cider vinegar, s&p ... you will be shoveling happiness into your mouth. 


Me n' Ivy shared some dark chocolate today. We both danced afterwards. I felt really good about it. Later we also had some apples and bananas. 


CSA sign. I belong to one called: Sweet Pea CSA. 

CSA sign. I belong to one called: Sweet Pea CSA. 

Scott threw together some left over GF pasta from last night with a (new to us) tomato sauce that I bought the other day. Ooooh it was so good. Dave's Gourmet roasted garilc and sweet basil organic pasta sauce. Go there you guys, it's delicious and would be wonderful with veggies mixed in or however you choose to use it. When I got home I mixed some with the rest of the quinoa I had and some scallions. Delish. After dinner we all snacked on the strawberries that I picked up from my CSA today. If you are curious what it's like to be a part of a CSA read more here. I'm new to the CSA game and it's been really fun so far. Feels good to know exactly where my food is coming from too! 

A note about the foods I choose:

I make it a priority to buy local and organic foods as much as I can. I plan for the week, buy in bulk, absolutely use my left overs and I get courageously creative with our meals to save time and money. Since avoiding GMOs and other questionable icky unnatural ingredients is important to me, I give it the attention it deserves. I feel that cheap food (I'll talk more about this later) is an illusion. Over time using quality organic foods has drastically changed our lives for the better. I'm not an expert, I'm just good at experimenting so I've learned a lot. 

My mission as a health coach is to help you live a courageously healthy life that you love. I'm hearing from my clients that they simply want to feel better. They want to feel in control of their health. Not only is this possible, but it can be joyful. Small steps, big results. Lasting change takes time, but luckily life is long.

( I invite you to take a deep breath after reading that last sentence.)

Thanks for taking this 30 day journey with me! Let me know your thoughts along the way. Where are you with your health? What's in your way from having a healthy life?

I want to be a resource for you, so reach out and share your story!

You. Freakin. Rock.



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Big ol' batch of quinoa. 

Big ol' batch of quinoa.