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Strong As A Mother

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 Congrats! You are a mom... now it is time to get your body looking and feeling like it belongs to you again. Pilates exercises are proven to target the pelvic floor and for a new mama this benefit is never more vital. Strong As A Mother is designed to help you strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominal and deep postural muscles, and to help you relearn how to access the muscles in your core that will make you feel strong and vibrant. Specific emphasis is placed on improving body mechanics, proper posture and lifting techniques so you can return to your little one feeling strong. Post-natal pilates helps quicken the recovery process, helping to close the diastasis (the separation between the two halves of the rectus abdominus that often happens with pregnancy) and flattening the abs so that you will feel more like your old self... and in time even better! Stacey has worked through her own diastasis repair and postpartum journey and felt that there should be more classes specifically for moms who are in the same boat. Regardless of our birth story we all have our journey back to our own bodies. This class is for postpartum moms of all kinds. If you are a brand new mom and have gotten the thumbs up from your dr, this class is for you. If you had your baby years ago and have yet to reconnect with your body, this class is for you. This will be a mat class with the use of props, so please bring your mat, some water, and your beautiful bod.

Monday nights, Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons at Club Pilates in Biltmore park. See schedule for times and class options.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays at the Woodfin YMCA. See Schedule for times and class options.

Stacey also teaches corporate classes (she will come to your office) and private lessons in your home or at a specified location.


I've given a variety of workshops and talks in NYC  and in Asheville and will tailor one to suit your needs and/or the needs of your friends, staff, employees and clients. My topics include but are not limited to: immune boosting, elimination diet, low fodmap diet, wellness planning for expectant parents, prioritizing yourself can change your health, postpartum wellness, toxicity inside and out, juicing for good health, etc.  I provide cooking demos and cooking workshops as well. Reach out to me at coachstaceyjayne@gmail.com for more info about how to build a workshop that is right for you. 

Services included in my programs

My programs and approach are unique because I have lived them. My ongoing struggles and successes are the reason this all exists and thrives. I learned how to find the support and accountability I needed to make lasting change. I've been a sponge in the wellness field for over a decade and I love to share what I've seen and learned. There are so many options for you. You are not alone, and your problems are not problems any more- they are all just information on how we can move forward. 

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Info on how you can work with Stacey