What are my clients saying about our time together? 



Stacey presented a program at the cancer support organization I work for. She came to speak to the survivors about juicing and ended up speaking about so much more. She was so knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring for the women. Her presence is lively, upbeat, and engaging. She is a gifted coach and powerful educator. I can't recommend her highly enough! Savannah S from NYC

"Let me start by saying that I have horrible dietary habits and was totally apprehensive about the benefits of a juice cleanse. Stacey is a neighbor and talked me into doing a juice cleanse to kick start a plan to eat better. Wow! Stacey was so supportive and guided me through the cleanse, explaining how to prepare my body and letting me know what to expect throughout the process. She and I went shopping together, picking out the fruits and vegetables that I should use. I'm NOT a fan of veggies, but I stayed open-minded and trusted Stacey's advice. I discovered that veggies don't suck. In fact,  beet juice is delicious! Over the next three days I ate (or rather drank) more fresh fruits and vegetables than I ever had before. The greens juice was tasty too! Stacey will definitely tailor recipes to your taste. I had some caffeine withdrawal, but otherwise felt terrific throughout the cleanse (I even lost a little weight). After the cleanse, Stacey offered her suggestions and support on how to incorporate better dietary habits into every day. Doing the cleanse and working with Stacey got me to finally think about the foods I was eating. The fruits and vegetables aisle is no longer a scary place! Thanks, Stacey!" Bob L from Brooklyn NY

"I have worked with Stacey both one-on-one and participated in one of her groups. I cannot say enough good things about both experiences. She helped me get back to the place where I knew I wanted to be health and fitness wise. I was just struggling while trying to do it on my own. Stacey's support was key- as were her creative solutions. She inspired me to eat the foods that make me feel great and in turn, feeling great got me back into a running routine. Overall- her passion for what she does and helping people take care of themselves is exactly what I needed. Her groups are not only inspiring- but fun! I highly recommend contacting Stacey if you need a push in the right direction." liz T from Brooklyn NY

"I attended Stacey Jayne's 'Six Weeks to Summer' program last month.  It was excellent.  Stacey has so much nutrition and wellness knowledge to impart that our sessions usually lasted longer than planned!  She wasn't strict about content and allowed us to move the conversation to what affected us most.  It was a great course, like happy hour with good friends (without the chardonnay). I learned so much in those six weeks and have implemented small changes that are leading to some big results!  I feel more in control of my eating and have lost some lbs.  I feel stronger (Week #3 we did some simple Pilates moves that can be done every day). And I feel calmer (week #5 we talked about how to de-stress in stressful situations). All in all, I would recommend Stacey Jayne Health Coaching hands down to friends looking to take back their health get fit, and be healthy and happy." Beth M from Brooklyn NY




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